Outdoor Kitchen? Things to Consider


Outdoor living can be greatly enhanced by grilling, so many homeowners opt to add outdoor kitchens, a prefab outdoor kitchen island or custom made pieces or ensembles.
Safety is the first consideration when constructing a grilling island or outdoor kitchen: The grilling island must be made with non-combustible materials. Fire hazards must be avoided; the grill must not be in any location where it would be unsafe, and not under a covered patio unless it has a vent hood. Adequate ventilation is important.
Quality is also a significant consideration, as outdoor furniture needs to be weather-resistant so that it will be available for outdoor grilling and entertaining for many years to come. Beyond this the specifics are limited only by space available and the needs, desires and budget of the individual homeowner.
An outdoor kitchen island can grow to occupy an entire corner of the patio or outdoor room. Every piece of the outdoor kitchen can be stock or prefab, or custom made. The prefab options are likely to be more budget-friendly than custom made pieces. A prefab outdoor kitchen island can be purchased with or without a built-in grill. Appliances such as refrigerators, ice drawers, sinks, storage drawers, beverage storage centers, drink glass holders, even bars may be included. Not to be forgotten are trash drawers and paper towel dispensers!